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Well, I was never any good at WordPress so I think I will just leave this for now. I am in the process of deleting a lot of old stuff that was created by old friends of mine. Still trying to go through old files of who did what and what goes where. I am a total klutz at most computer stuff and this a good example. I would love to have a nice flashy website but I have a hard enough time finding my password or just loading the basic WP template already gives me anxiety. Anyway, I hope to update this site later maybe with just a picture of nature or some peaceful trees. If you happen to stumble across this site and are reading this, I would like to send you a warm greeting of peace and love. If you are in a cranky mood please disregard everything I may say. ­čÖé

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Napoleon Hill: Rare Teachings of Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill was a genuine preacher of the Philosophy of Achievement. He conducted many speeches and trainings across the United States in the 1920’s, 30’s and beyond.

From some of these speeches I have compiled a collection of his best trainings and transcribed them into a series of easy to read eBooks available on Amazon. In these books you will find his classic training on personal achievement as well as his many anecdotes and insights about what allows some people to reach great success in all areas of life; as well what inevitably leads others to ruin and failure.

This is the type of literature that you can reference over and over again because it is so full of direction and inspiration. Any student of Success, The Law of Attraction or achievement in general, owes it to themselves to add these excellent resources to their collection! Click the link below for details:


 Napoleon Hill

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Is Heaven for Real?

Some people feel that death is an indication of the cruelty of God, that life is nothing more than chaotic randomness, yet the passage of time reminds us that in the light of eternity we are all passing away in short order and we will follow those who have died very soon; even within just a few moments later when measured on the scale of eternal time.
The accounts documented in this book are from different people at different times and in different places. They are all sincere; they all had a story to tell and they attempted to share their experience to the best of their ability. They each have unique aspects even though they share some similarities. Some of these stories will likely resonate and encourage and inspire you. Some may be difficult to relate to or to understand; if that is the case, I would suggest you skip that particular story for the time being and move on to the next one.
Perhaps the afterlife is revealed to us in such a way that allows each of us to understand and comprehend the process of passing in a way that we can accept. The uniqueness of each experience may be in part due to the individual; their ability to take in the awesomeness of such an event may be reflected in their memory of the event.
In any case, these incidents are presented to the reader in the hopes that they will encourage and inspire; my hope is that you will find, as I did, a common theme within these experiences which seem to reflect the powerful love of God towards humanity, towards each one of us.

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